Pizza Muffin (II)

It’s been a long time! Really liked the pizza muffins I made previously and so I decided to try it again. This time round, I bought some tinned tomato paste and the tomato flavour was more obvious. Used cheddar cheese, will probably use another type of cheese next time.  Continue reading


Pizza Muffin

pizza muffins

While blog hopping to look for ideas, I chanced upon Happy Home Baking‘s post on pizza muffins. I didn’t know that muffins can be savoury and after over coming the initial shock, the idea of eating pizza-flavoured muffins appealed to me. I decided to give it a go and this is my favourite bake thus far!

IT’S SOOO DELICIOUS! Continue reading

Chocolate Banana Muffins


I was battling sore throat for the past week and I’ve never had a sore throat this terrible. Just when I thought that I had fully recovered and bought all the ingredients for these muffins, it came back. Urgh, though luckily it isn’t as bad this time round, I’m staying off chocolate so that I can really really recover.  I didn’t want to let those ripe bananas rot so I went ahead with baking it.

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Strawberry Muffins

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Hello, guest blogger here from shootbanglove@WP HAHA. The bff came over to my house for another baking session & we decided to bake strawberry muffins to fully utilize our remaining ingredients & the muffin tray we bought last time.

I think we were quite successful this time because the muffins rose quite well & they taste pretty nice (but the bff said the strawberries gave off an artificial flavoring)! Continue reading

Chocolate Chocolate-chip Muffins


Went over to the bff’s house to bake again last saturday! We first planned to bake a cake with our gang friend (nope not those gangster kind of gangs haha) but she wasn’t feeling well. Since we didn’t had a cake tin at hand, bff quickly googled and found this chocolate chocolate-chip muffin recipe from Nigella on the food network website.

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