Earl Grey Cupcake

So I discovered canva and started using it to add texts to my photos. And somehow I ended up designing a textbook cover ^ LOL.  Continue reading


Layered Chocolate Fudge Cake

So I ended my busy 6 modules semester a few weeks back and celebrated by making a layered cake. I’ve always failed miserably at making layered cakes and wanted to make a proper one badly. But I don’t want to make another swiss meringue buttercream cake/cupcake and I still have yet to recover my faith in whipped cream so I decided to try a fudge frosting instead. Continue reading

Swiss Meringue Butter Cream


Swiss meringue butter cream! For the past 2 years of my slightly more serious baking life, I have been obsessed with whipped cream frostings. Buttercream was just way to sweet and buttery for me. And that was because I have yet to discover this wonderful SMBC!

The first time I came upon SMBC was when I was searching for a nice frosting, that can withstand the hot Singapore weather, for a cake for my friend. SMBC popped up in a lot of blogs and it seemed like the obvious choice. It was not that complicated too. Definitely more complicated than a usual buttercream recipe but still manageable. Continue reading

Whipped Cream

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I like whipped cream frosting but making it is just so difficult. Making it to hold on a cake without melting is even more difficult. I bought a packet of whipping cream for the failed Anna Olson Chocolate Tart and it was about to expire. Having no ideas how to use it up (other than whipping it to make whipped cream), I gave up and decided to give whipped cream another go. Continue reading