Chiffon cupcakes

This was made so long ago I had no idea where I took the recipe from. It tasted more like ji dan gao and the top gets sticky after it cooled down. Didn’t really enjoyed it. And I accidentally placed 2 paper liners into 1 cupcake hole so yeah, the cupcakes ended up looking like that ^ haha.


Black Velvet Cupcake


While I was on exchange in London, I took a free copy of the Tesco magazines and spotted a recipe for black velvet cupcakes. It was my first time hearing about black velvet and so I marked the recipe down to try when I return back to Singapore. So this week, I finally went about making black velvet cupcake. For some reason, I planned to use this BBC Good Food recipe instead of the Tesco recipe and for some reason, I forgot to buy baking powder so I ended up googling at the last minute for a recipe that doesn’t need baking powder. Luckily, the first google result is a recipe that doesn’t require baking powder! Yay!

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