Failed Files: Chocolate biscuits with soft chocolate centres

Another failed file! And I can’t be bothered with taking a picture of the failed biscuits.


  • Ran out of caster sugar and tried to be gung-ho and used normal granulated sugar instead -> texture of the biscuit was so bad, obvious granulated sugar crunchiness to the biscuit
  • Not sure if it’s me or the recipe, the biscuit dough was so crumbly. So difficult to roll out and handle in general -> so frustrating
  • Overall too sweet and rich -> chocolate overload
  • Unknowingly used expired chocolate -> hope I won’t lao sai

Not going to make this again. Still edible but hard to finish them up lol. School’s really busy these days T.T



Crispy Oatmeal Cookie

Finally managed to make some real crispy cookies! They came out of the oven very very soft so I was kind of sceptical about its crispiness but after a few minutes of cooling, they became real crispy. And they remained quite crispy even after a few days.

And I liked the oatmeal too. Hooray. Just that it was a little too sweet. Will probably cut down on the sugar next time.