Chocolate Walnut Brownie

Finally managed to fight off laziness and brought my proper camera out. Hoorays. There’s definitely a difference in photo qualities but I think I might have overexposed the photos a little bit. Anyways! I felt like I haven’t had some chocolate cake in a long time and so I decided to make brownies again! Cakey brownies for the first time! Continue reading

Fudgy Brownies


I don’t know why but I can never get brownies right. My first attempt at non-premix brownies many many years ago was a complete disaster. It’s way way way too bitter and no amount of icing sugar could save it. My second attempt wasn’t that fantastic either. Determined to perfect my brownies skill, I have decided to make more brownies and this is the first of the many brownies posts to come haha. Continue reading

Failed files: Macadamia Brownies


I saw this recipe on The Sunday Times so I decided to copy it down and make it, since a recipe published in the article can’t go wrong. I forgot who the author was anyway. Before you get me wrong, this recipe is not a failure recipe. My brownies tasted quite good in fact. But I decided to classify it under failed files ’cause it was too dry and too bitter. Continue reading