Mary Berry’s Banana Loaf

Not too bad, just a little too sweet even after cutting sugar down to 150g. Probably will have to cut down on the sugar even more if I’m making this again. Browned rather quickly so had to remove at the 40 minute mark and cover with a piece of aluminium foil before baking for another 20 minutes.



Chocolate Banana Jam

I’m starting to feature more of my fridge as I’m getting lazier and lazier. Photo qualities are getting worse as I’m just using my phone camera to take a picture inside my fridge these days. But I just had an inspiration to copy this box text thing from some magazine so hopefully I will get inspired to stop the photo qualities from deteriorating further.  Continue reading

Chocolate & Banana Cake

Another cake! I was telling my friend the other day that Coffee Bean’s Chocolate Banana drink is really nice but the banana syrup has been out of stock for quite long already. She suggested making a chocolate banana cake and since it sounds good, I went to google for some recipes. To my delight, BBC Good Food has a chocolate and banana cake recipe and the reviews are all very favourable. Indeed, the cake turned out very favourable! This is definitely the best cake that I’ve made so far! Continue reading

Chocolate Banana Muffins


I was battling sore throat for the past week and I’ve never had a sore throat this terrible. Just when I thought that I had fully recovered and bought all the ingredients for these muffins, it came back. Urgh, though luckily it isn’t as bad this time round, I’m staying off chocolate so that I can really really recover.  I didn’t want to let those ripe bananas rot so I went ahead with baking it.

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