Chocolate Walnut Brownie

Finally managed to fight off laziness and brought my proper camera out. Hoorays. There’s definitely a difference in photo qualities but I think I might have overexposed the photos a little bit. Anyways! I felt like I haven’t had some chocolate cake in a long time and so I decided to make brownies again! Cakey brownies for the first time! Continue reading

Crispy Oatmeal Cookie

Finally managed to make some real crispy cookies! They came out of the oven very very soft so I was kind of sceptical about its crispiness but after a few minutes of cooling, they became real crispy. And they remained quite crispy even after a few days.

And I liked the oatmeal too. Hooray. Just that it was a little too sweet. Will probably cut down on the sugar next time.



Matcha Mille Crepe

The concept of the above picture continues from the show-off-the-interior-of-my-fridge-and-box-and-text-design-copied-from-somewhere theme. I think the box and text looks really great here and I’m kinda proud of that. But then the rest of the picture is just…

But anyways, I tried for the first time in my life some mille crepe and it was so awesome!! The texture of so many layers of flour was intriguing and I wonder why I didn’t tried one earlier. Anyways, so I went to look for some recipes and since the mille crepe i tried was matcha flavoured, I decided to make a matcha flavoured one too! Continue reading

Chocolate Banana Jam

I’m starting to feature more of my fridge as I’m getting lazier and lazier. Photo qualities are getting worse as I’m just using my phone camera to take a picture inside my fridge these days. But I just had an inspiration to copy this box text thing from some magazine so hopefully I will get inspired to stop the photo qualities from deteriorating further.  Continue reading

Buttermilk Pancakes

So as mentioned in the previous post, layered chocolate fudge cake left me with plenty of buttermilk. So I decided to make some buttermilk pancakes. Not too bad, I might want to eat this again. But probably I’ll sift the flour first. And probably I’ll buy some maple syrup to eat it with. But nonetheless, a very fluffy and pleasant pancake.