Buttermilk Pancakes

So as mentioned in the previous post, layered chocolate fudge cake left me with plenty of buttermilk. So I decided to make some buttermilk pancakes. Not too bad, I might want to eat this again. But probably I’ll sift the flour first. And probably I’ll buy some maple syrup to eat it with. But nonetheless, a very fluffy and pleasant pancake.



Technical Troubles: Cooking Rice in a Pot

done with words

Most asians (I think) nowadays have a rice cooker at home to cook rice because rice is such a staple. But over in my house, we do not use a rice cooker. We use this magic cooker thermal pot thing so we’ll have to cook the rice on a stove first before putting it into the thermal pot. The whole point is to save energy (aka gas bills) because the rice just needs to be around half-cooked and putting it into the thermal pot (which doesn’t use any electricity at all) will do the rest of the cooking. Therefore, I am quite familiar with cooking rice without using a rice cooker and am rather proud of this fact haha. Most of my friends of around my age do not really know how to do it so let me boast a little and show how it is done.

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Pesto Penne


First week of school just zoomed pass and I’m feeling quite busy already! Lots of readings to read and lecturers’ accent to get used to haha! I quite like the modules I’m taking this semester, especially Environmental Economics. It is soooo interesting! (Even though there’s a stack of readings and the whole module isn’t organised like the other modules). Okay I’m trying hard to make this relevant to the pesto penne… SO! I have had a fairly busy week and this simple pesto meal really made things less complicated (I’m having some expression issues but you get the drift hahaha)! Continue reading