Failed Files: Matcha Eclairs

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a failed file!  Continue reading


Buttermilk Pancakes

So as mentioned in the previous post, layered chocolate fudge cake left me with plenty of buttermilk. So I decided to make some buttermilk pancakes. Not too bad, I might want to eat this again. But probably I’ll sift the flour first. And probably I’ll buy some maple syrup to eat it with. But nonetheless, a very fluffy and pleasant pancake.


Chrysanthemum Konnyaku Jelly

Konnyaku jelly

While checking the blog stats daily, I’ve noticed that many people (okay maybe 10? hee) searched for instructions to make konnyaku jelly and clicked on my previous konnyaku jelly post. They must have felt cheated or that they’ve wasted their time ’cause there wasn’t any recipe to follow except to “follow the instructions on the packet of jelly powder”. So, to help whatever people out there who might be clueless about making konnyaku jelly and potentially search google for explicit instructions, I have decided to make a detailed post!

I think those pros might roll their eyes but as a noob cook, whatever source of explicit information/guide is really useful; even if noob cook is holding onto the packet of powder with instructions behind it. We need assurance! That will in turn give us confidence to cook! LOL I don’t really know what I’ve just crapped out.  Continue reading