Black Bean Bread


Bread making again! This time round, I chanced upon this simple and well-reviewed basic olive oil bread recipe on BBC Good Food. Continue reading


Failed Files: Croissant


It was Mothers’ Day yesterday. I baked croissants for my Mother since she likes them a lot and I have plenty of free time now. It was a tedious process! One full day of making the dough + a morning of shaping it and then finally baking them. But the recipe that I followed gives 24 croissants so there’s plenty of leftover dough for other things like pain au chocolat.

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Failed Files: Steamed Green Tea Buns


Long time no see, friends! *shouts out to the few readers here* So my final exams has finally ended and it’s time to cook again! I wanted to make some chocolate cream puffs but my Mother said she wants to eat something steamed. So I consulted my friend google again and decided to make some steamed green tea buns!

I came across quite a lot of different recipes for steamed buns (mantou) but decided to mix and match to come out with my own recipe. And that’s why this is a failed file haha. Continue reading