Pizza Muffin (II)

It’s been a long time! Really liked the pizza muffins I made previously and so I decided to try it again. This time round, I bought some tinned tomato paste and the tomato flavour was more obvious. Used cheddar cheese, will probably use another type of cheese next time.  Continue reading


Crispy Oatmeal Cookie

Finally managed to make some real crispy cookies! They came out of the oven very very soft so I was kind of sceptical about its crispiness but after a few minutes of cooling, they became real crispy. And they remained quite crispy even after a few days.

And I liked the oatmeal too. Hooray. Just that it was a little too sweet. Will probably cut down on the sugar next time.



Buttermilk Pancakes

So as mentioned in the previous post, layered chocolate fudge cake left me with plenty of buttermilk. So I decided to make some buttermilk pancakes. Not too bad, I might want to eat this again. But probably I’ll sift the flour first. And probably I’ll buy some maple syrup to eat it with. But nonetheless, a very fluffy and pleasant pancake.


Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookie

Yay I’m back from my exchange so now I have more time and equipment to start baking again! I was really craving for crispy chocolate chip cookies the other day so I decided to make some because my favourite dark chocolate pecan pepperidge farm chocolate chip cookie is so expensive. I also miss Sainsbury’s taste the difference cookies and because they aren’t sold here, so gotta make some! I really really like the crispy types and really really dislike the chewy subway cookie type so this time round, I abandon my Women’s Weekly recipe (which gives quite chewy cookies despite experimenting with the brown and white sugar ratio) and went online to search for a new one.  Continue reading