Candied Sweet Potato 마탕


It’s Mothers’ Day today! Happy Mothers’ Day! As a present to my Mother, I decided to make her some korean candied sweet potato. She first mentioned that she likes those korean sweet potato side dish almost a year ago and I went to look up for the recipe. Turns out it involves some deep-frying – something that I have never tried before and was very afraid of. Continue reading


Chinese Braised Peanuts

braised peanuts

I love those peanut appetisers they serve in chinese restaurants. Not those fried peanuts but those kind that I’ve always thought are steamed. It was not till I went to google for recipes then I realise that they are actually boiled. Anyway, I prefer those made by the restaurants themselves to those that’s like from cans. I don’t really like those canned braised peanuts ’cause they’re too sweet. So I attempted to recreate my own restaurant peanuts and yay it was not too shabby haha! Continue reading