Chocolate Walnut Brownie

Finally managed to fight off laziness and brought my proper camera out. Hoorays. There’s definitely a difference in photo qualities but I think I might have overexposed the photos a little bit. Anyways! I felt like I haven’t had some chocolate cake in a long time and so I decided to make brownies again! Cakey brownies for the first time!

I really really like cakey brownies (just chocolate cake in general I guess) so I went to google for some cakey brownies recipe. Gave this a shot and ohmygod!! They turned out like four leaves brownies!! One of my favourite brownies!! I really really really liked what I made (lololol) but my family thought it was a little too dry and didn’t really liked it (and they thought it wasn’t really similar to four leaves’ brownies. Whatever.)

It was a little too dry because I kind of over baked it. I switched to a circular pan and shortened the baking time by 10 minutes. Thought everything would still be uncooked and there will be time for me to do some guestimate. Nope. It was very cooked already.

Guess I’m going to cut short the baking time by 15 minutes the next time round and adjust from there.

But despite it being dry, I still liked the brownies very much!! Favourite recipe!!




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