Matcha Mille Crepe

The concept of the above picture continues from the show-off-the-interior-of-my-fridge-and-box-and-text-design-copied-from-somewhere theme. I think the box and text looks really great here and I’m kinda proud of that. But then the rest of the picture is just…

But anyways, I tried for the first time in my life some mille crepe and it was so awesome!! The texture of so many layers of flour was intriguing and I wonder why I didn’t tried one earlier. Anyways, so I went to look for some recipes and since the mille crepe i tried was matcha flavoured, I decided to make a matcha flavoured one too!

It’s really really difficult to make the crepe T.T I tore so many of them and it’s so difficult to pour just the right amount and spread it around the pan immediately. So I only managed to make like around 8 pieces of crepe. I think for the size of my pan, I’ll have to double the recipe in order to get an appropriate amount of crepe batter.

AND! I successfully made decent whipped cream!! YAY!! The cream really held its shape! I’m now ready to whip more cream in the future heh!

But anyways, since I only got like 8 pieces of pathetic crepe, I cut the cake into half and stack one on top of the other. Therefore, my cake became a semi circle and there’s this really thick layer of cream in the middle. Oh and I didn’t apply the cream evenly on each layer. So overall, the cake looks really ugly haha.

But it was really really good! It’s like the one I tried outside! So proud of myself! Am going to make another one, perhaps a chocolate one, when I have the time!



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