Failed Files: Matcha Eclairs

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a failed file! 

And weirdly, this time round, Paul Hollywood’s eclair recipe failed me miserably. So I used Paul Hollywood’s eclair recipe but added some matcha powder (referencing the proportions from Jo the Tart Queen ) but the eclair turns out… weird? They’re almost tasteless and a little too crispy and didn’t rise properly? But it was still edible.

For the cream, I used the Women’s Weekly cream puff recipe and mixed in some matcha powder (again referring to Jo the Tart Queen for proportions) and it turned out really yummy. The matcha flavour came out really well and complemented the cream well.

I don’t think I will use Paul Hollywood’s eclair recipe again despite my success the first time round. Guess I will give Jo the Tart Queen’s recipe a try next time.


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