Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookie

Yay I’m back from my exchange so now I have more time and equipment to start baking again! I was really craving for crispy chocolate chip cookies the other day so I decided to make some because my favourite dark chocolate pecan pepperidge farm chocolate chip cookie is so expensive. I also miss Sainsbury’s taste the difference cookies and because they aren’t sold here, so gotta make some! I really really like the crispy types and really really dislike the chewy subway cookie type so this time round, I abandon my Women’s Weekly recipe (which gives quite chewy cookies despite experimenting with the brown and white sugar ratio) and went online to search for a new one. 

The first google result from The Kitchen Magpie looks really good and comments were very favourable too! So I went ahead to try the recipe and the cookies really turned out so crispy!

I followed some of the comments and halved the amount of brown and white sugar. Also, I replaced granulated sugar with caster sugar and the cookie turned out fine. I gave up pressing the cookies down with a glass because the cookies almost always stick onto the glass and wetting the glass didn’t helped much. So I ended up pressing the cookie balls with my fingers and though the cookies don’t look as good and professional, they still tasted good heh.

Trying to explore the artistic side of cookies and hence the greenish photo. Just kidding, it was raining so I took the photos under yellow light and the photos looked really shitty so I might as well add in a green filter to try to look sophisticated.

The recipe can make either 36 medium-sized cookies (1 tablespoon of dough flatten into a cookie, baked for 9 minutes) or…. 140 small cookies (around 1/4 tsp of dough flatten into a cookie, baked for  7 minutes)!

Recipe from:



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