Simple Chocolate Cake


I have some left over swiss meringue buttercream from making chocolate cupcakes but because the cream was not suitable for piping, I decided to make a cake and just spread the cream on top. I always think that strawberry and raspberry should go with chocolate so I googled for a chocolate cake recipe and chanced upon Joy of Baking’s simple chocolate cake recipe.

The cake recipe is really simple and quick. The taste was normal though, nothing much to shout about. It was quite dense, almost like a mud cake, and there wasn’t really an intense chocolate flavour to it. All in all, this cake is awesome if you’re pressed for time or only want to use limited ingredients. If there is plenty of time, effort, and budget for ingredients, it’ll be much worth while to try out another fancier recipe.

As for the cream, I removed the frozen cream and left it in the fridge to thaw overnight. I then took it out of the fridge and let it sit in my mixing bowl for awhile. I then used my paddler attachment to beat the cream again. Here’s the exciting part. The cream beat for quite some time but it still resembled something disgusting. At one point in time, the whole thing fell apart and the mixture resembled over-beaten whipping cream. I let it continue mixing and after a really long time did everything came together. So that’s how you use frozen swiss meringue buttercream – let it thaw and beat for a really long time.

But because I found my original batch of cream real sweet, I decided to add pureed strawberries. Around 10 tablespoons of it. What a mistake haha. The mixture became very soupy and I threw in a few token cubes of butter to try to save the thing. After almost half an hour of beating, the cream did came together but it was not as creamy, fluffy, and smooth. It was slightly watery and the butter was slightly separated. And therefore, when I iced the cake, the icing didn’t look pretty and smooth. It looks kind of like microscopic pictures of muscles. Eww.

But the taste and texture of the cream was okay – only slightly watery and not as creamy.


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