Yogurt Cake


My first memory of a yogurt was yoplait yogurt, those six small tubs that can be torn off from this bigger rectangular piece of plastic board. But I didn’t know that was yogurt. I was around 5 and had no idea what yogurt was. We just pop the six tubs into the freezer and ate them frozen LOL. Then slowly I started to eat normal fruit flavour yogurt but I disliked them. Then my mother started eating plain yogurt and I hated it because it was so sour. Then when I turned older, I started to like those plain yogurt, especially those greek style yogurt and disliked those flavoured ones haha. I came across a recipe for an Italian yogurt cake and since it sounds fun to try, I decided to make one. 

For the cake, I bought a tub of raspberry flavoured greek style yogurt. While I was making the cake, I took some to try AND IT WAS SOOOO DELICIOUS! At that point, I didn’t know how a raspberry taste like but when I actually tried a real raspberry afterwards, the yogurt did taste like the real raspberry, not those syrupy artificial taste!

Anyway back to the cake. I was following the grams measurements for the ingredients but I realised that the grams measurements stated in the original blog post was off. So I recalculated everything from the cup measurements. Apart from that, the recipe was easy to follow.

The cake came out great but the crust was a little bit too hard. Maybe I got to adjust my oven temperature the next time. The awesome raspberry taste from the awesome raspberry yogurt was still present in the cake so it’ll be better to choose a tasty yogurt for this cake. (I once bought a whole tub of nestle plain yogurt and it was soooo disgusting. It tasted like cream with vinegar. I wonder why they’re still selling it and who’s actually buying it.) The cake was moist but I thought it was a little too dense. It was like a cross between a kueh and a cake. Or like a super moist pound cake.

All in all, it’s not bad but if I want to eat a cake, I don’t think I will eat this. I’ll probably eat something that’s more cake cake. If I want to eat yogurt, I’ll probably just eat yogurt haha.


Recipe from: http://anitalianinmykitchen.com/easy-yogurt-cake/


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