Chocolate Chiffon

Yay I finally managed to buy a proper chiffon tin! I was shopping for something else at Phoon Huat the other day and to my pleasant surprise, the tin was in stock! Hooray! I tried out my favourite chiffon flavour again and it was definitely different from using a normal tin.

In addition, I also used my new kitchenaid mixer to beat the egg whites. I was still  not used to beating the egg whites using the kitchenaid mixer because it takes a lot of work to just randomly stop and check on the egg whites. For a handheld mixer, I can just stop pressing the button and lift up the mixer to look at the egg whites. For the kitchenaid mixer, I will have to stop the machine, lift up the lift-able part of the mixer (lol what is that part called?), remove the whisk attachment, stick the attachment in and take it out again to look at the stiffness of the egg whites. Maybe with a few more tries, I will be able to get a better gauge of when my egg whites will be done and avoid all these trouble.

Back to the chiffon, there was actually not much of a huge difference apart from the hole in the middle. However, the cake made with the chiffon tin rose better and there wasn’t a dense layer on top of the cake (bottom if you look at this picture because the cake’s inverted). But personally, I think this is more of a visual problem because the dense layer in the cake made with the normal tin just looks dense. Doesn’t have a different texture.

Oh and for this cake, I was trying to experiment with making zebra patterns and I think I almost succeeded with all these egg white spots. Sorry just kidding, the spots weren’t intentional and were there because I didn’t mix the egg whites thoroughly enough. But still it looks kind of nice HAHA.


Recipe: Chocolate Chiffon Cake


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