Chocolate & Banana Cake

Another cake! I was telling my friend the other day that Coffee Bean’s Chocolate Banana drink is really nice but the banana syrup has been out of stock for quite long already. She suggested making a chocolate banana cake and since it sounds good, I went to google for some recipes. To my delight, BBC Good Food has a chocolate and banana cake recipe and the reviews are all very favourable. Indeed, the cake turned out very favourable! This is definitely the best cake that I’ve made so far!

I slightly altered the recipe because I don’t have a large enough loaf pan. For my cake, I used a 17cm round pan baked the cake for 1 hour and 10 minutes at 150 degrees Celsius. I also omitted the frosting and it was still great. The cake wasn’t overly sweet and it was really moist! I really liked the chocolate chips inside.


The recipe is really easy to follow and be sure to read all the comments. They were really useful in getting a rough idea on how many bananas to use etc.




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