Candied Sweet Potato 마탕


It’s Mothers’ Day today! Happy Mothers’ Day! As a present to my Mother, I decided to make her some korean candied sweet potato. She first mentioned that she likes those korean sweet potato side dish almost a year ago and I went to look up for the recipe. Turns out it involves some deep-frying – something that I have never tried before and was very afraid of.

I had no clue on how to deep fry something. How to check that it’s the correct temperature so that the food doesn’t soak up too much oil? How much oil to add? How to know the food is cooked? So I just shelved the recipe somewhere. Then I decided it was time to conquer my fears and so I decided to make this for Mothers’ Day.  I started googling massively for deep frying tips and almost all websites give the same few tips. And it turns out those few tips are basically just the few ones I need. Watching a video demonstration of this recipe from Maangchi helped a lot too. IMG-20150510-WA0008

The frying experience turned out to be very fun! I didn’t expect deep frying to be so fun. The sweet potato turned out great and fluffy inside. Not oil soaked! I think the sweet potato tastes even better without the sugar syrup.

Speaking of the sugar syrup, it took forever to melt and I think I might have overcooked it or something because it tasted a little bit bitter. Maybe I’ll start adding in the sweet potato when the sugar almost fully melt. When hardened, the sugar coating becomes very hard and crunchy, like those individually wrapped hard candy, but the sweet potato remains soft and fluffy on the inside.


All in all, this recipe turned out great, as expected from the trusty Maangchi. Though I’m not usually fond of sweet potatoes, this fried sweet potato was heavenly and I’ll probably fry some to eat again. Give the recipe a try!

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