Failed Files: Lemon Chiffon Cake

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Another failed file! This chiffon was fine until my handheld mixer broke down  while beating the egg whites. What luck T.T I continued whisking the whites by hand and I almost died from  exhaustion. I wasn’t sure if the whites reached the right peaks but was too tired so  I just dumped them into the batter.

Turns out, the chiffon didn’t rise well and the whole cake was quite solid but not like a pound cake. It was still a little fluffy. A little. However, it was quite dry. Also, the taste was rather bad. It tasted just a little tart and salty (too much salt?) like preserved plum bleah.

Anyway I won’t be making chiffon cakes for a long time to come :( because the 17cm chiffon tube pan I want to get is out of stock everywhere (!!!) and I don’t have plans to replace my handheld mixer with another one.

‘Cause I’m planning for a kitchenaid mixer HEEHEE ^^

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