Technical Troubles: Julienne


Yay a new series! Posts under “Technical Troubles” will record my attempts in conquering techniques and being one step closer to becoming a masterchef LOL. This first post will be on julienning vegetables – cutting them into thin sticks.

Those neat cucumbers were my first attempt at julienning and I’m kind of proud of them LOL^^. Julienning is actually not that difficult if you take the time to think through the process and chop it up nicely. But, mastering how to julienne like a Martin Yan is, to me, very difficult and will take a sharp knife and plenty of practice. There’s still a long long way for my julienning skills to go but I’m sure I’ll be able to chop like Yan by the time I’m 70 years old.

I should have taken pictures of what I did but then I didn’t. So here’s an awesome Martha Stewart video tutorial on how to julienne carrots (and a whole lot of vegetable-prepping videos).


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