Overnight Oats

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetThis draft has been lying around since October and it’s time for me to finish it up haha. Not really enthusiastic about this post because the photos I took are quite meh (took them early in the morning with no great morning sun and rushed through so that I can start eating)

Anyway, I first stumbled upon overnight oats on my instagram feed and I thought they look quite disgusting. I was right. I made myself a bowl and it looked disgusting, so mushy like baby food or vomit! I expected to tuck into something unpleasant but no, the overnight oats tasted and felt superb!

Most basic recipes suggested adding yoghurt for a creamier consistency but I find it more pleasant without it. Yoghurt makes everything overly sour, even with some honey added. And I do not feel that there’s a great change in  consistency with yoghurt added. Adding milk alone, in the right proportion, will make the oatmeal very creamy on its own.


Basically, just add in one portion of rolled oats (not the instant kind) and the same amount of liquid (milk, water, yoghurt, coconut water, whatever floats your boat). You can then add in any extras like sugar, honey, jam, peanut butter, powder, nuts, fruits, whatever floats your boat. As a rough guide, 1/3 cup of oats + 1/3 cup liquid = 1 serving.

So far, I’ve tried original (nothing added except milk), chocolate, peanut butter, and orange juice. Chocolate is my favourite and orange juice is just not my cup of tea. Anyway chocolate is so awesome! I just add a dash of cocoa powder and cinnamon powder to the oats + milk andddd they taste awesome. Drinking up the milk is like drinking up the chocolatey milk when eating koko krunch with milk.

Just google for overnight oats and you can find plenty of mouthwatering variations! This is a really quick breakfast to prepare the night before and really made me look forward to jump out of bed for breakfast the next day. You can put almost anything you want and make it either the healthiest or unhealthiest thing to eat and it is really easy to prepare! Definitely recommend everyone to try it at least once in their lifetime.



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