Chocolate Fudge Cupcake


So I made some cupcakes for my friend’s birthday! Tried the delicious chocolate fudge cupcake recipe from BBC Good Food again and it was still wonderful. The cupcakes were very chocolatey and fudgy!

I had some difficulty making them because I ran out of chocolate. I only had ~70g of normal dark chocolate and a bar of mint chocolate left so I mixed in some mint chocolate to make up the 100g needed (I cut the recipe into half). Surprise surprise, I couldn’t taste any mint in the cupcake! And I think it will be a good idea to use only mint chocolate next time to make chocolate mint cupcakes heh heh.

As usual, I failed terribly at icing so I only dropped a dollop onto each cupcake haha. Shall brush up on my icing skills when I have the time.


Recipe from:


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