Cheese and Walnut Roll



So I decided to venture into more bread-making since I have a big bag of bread flour left over from my previous wholemeal bread attempt. I decided to consult the trusty BBC Good Food site again and found this very favourable bread recipe. 

I reduced the amount of salt by more than half because the amount stated in the recipe is really alarming in my opinion. Also, I used cheddar cheese instead of roquefort because I have no idea what roquefort looks/tastes like and because I love cheddar.

This is easy to make and the results were great, definitely going to make it again! The bread was so crispy on the outside (too much egg wash) and soft and pillowy inside! It’s like those bread sold in four leaves/bread talk!

I like the combination of cheese and walnut too and this makes a great snack. SOOO happy with my recent bread attempts! I feel so ready to tackle more bread recipes MUAHAHA.



Recipe: from

(*mine was overly golden brown, perhaps due to the egg wash spam)


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