Wholemeal Bread


My first time making proper bread! ANDDD IT’S A BIG SUCCESS!! (or at least the people who ate the bread enjoyed it haha) So I recently fell in love with BBC Good Food and I chanced upon this easy bread in 4 steps recipe there. 

The recipe does looks easy to follow AND about 99% of the comments were favourable. And so I gave it a go. My family is relatively health conscious so I opted to use wholemeal flour. Apart from that, I followed the recipe to a tee and added an extra proofing stage as recommended by many of the comments.

I was actually hoping for the worse because:

1. My dough was still quite sticky despite me kneading it for quite long already. I ended up adding quite a fair bit of extra flour and I was worried that my bread will turn out too dry. Nope, it was not dry.

2.  I wasn’t sure if my bread was done at the 30 minutes mark. I baked it for a further 3 minutes and by that time I could smell something so I quickly took it out. Turns out, only the sunflower seeds I sprinkled were burnt. The bread was mighty fine.


3. I thought the honey will make the bread sweet. Nope it didn’t. Rather, there was too much salt and the bread is a little salty, though the more I chewed on it the less I felt that it was salty. Nonetheless, I will cut down on the salt next time.

4. The bread was rock hard when I took it out. I could almost use it as a brick to build a house. But turns out, the crust was delightfully crispy and the inside chewy. Yum yum. Though I’m not a bread guru and I don’t know what exactly makes an artisan bread, I’ll just pretend I made an artisan bread ’cause it is hard. (*the bread turned quite hard after a day. got to work on this)

5. And finally, all my seeds that I sprinkled on top dropped off when I turned the bread over to test it. T.T I’ll mix it in the dough next time.

This bread is really easy to make and delicious. It is relatively dense (didn’t rise a lot), but again, I’ll just take it that I’ve made an artisan loaf hahaha. Whee so happy! Bread making success!



(Before putting the dough into the tin, place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl and let it rise for about an hour. Knock it back and knead a few times before rising it in the tin as per the recipe. You can also choose to shape the dough into dinner rolls instead of making a loaf.)


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