Chocolate Slice Cookies


I once saw Bake with Anna Olson on TV and I fell in love with her kitchen (and presentation style) immediately. Those sugar drawers and huge ovens *.* So recently I stumbled upon this youtube user who has uploaded plenty of Anna Olson’s cooking series and I managed to catch all the Bake with Anna Olson episodes. I wanted to try her Tart Au Chocolat recipe out (and make use of the mini tart pans I bought during sales season haha) but things didn’t went well for me…

First of all, I found out that my rolling pin was ridiculously moldy so I tried to roll the dough with a chopstick, the handle of a whisk, a huge glass bottle, and a wine bottle – all of which failed terribly. Then, my dough kept breaking when I rolled it out. I tried to rest my dough in the fridge again but it just kept cracking and breaking.

So I gave up making the tart and made the chocolate slices eventually (which uses the same dough if you watch the episode). And I remembered that I have already weighed out the butter for the filling beforehand. Sooo I googled for this wonderful buttercream recipe to slap in between two slices of cookie.

Speaking of which, this buttercream is wonderful! It changed my opinion of making buttercream (which was ruined when I attempted the Nutella Buttercream). I think it got to do with the butter I used (expensive lurpak butter) and that I didn’t use an electric whisk this time round. I’m going to save this chocolate buttercream recipe for future uses!

And so, the cookies turned out like tart dough. And the whole thing feels like a tim tam (except that the biscuit ain’t crunchy). Not a bad save from a failed tart haha.



Anna Olson’s Tart Au Chocolat –

Anna Olson’s Chocolate Slice Cookies –

Chocolate Buttercream Icing – (I didn’t add the milk at all and used ~90g of icing sugar)


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