I’ve always liked granola – especially those without dried fruits- because they go so well with yoghurt and milk! I chanced upon this recipe for homemade granola and  I’m blown away by the results. It tastes sooo heavenly. Similar to Carman’s original fruit free muesli, just more fragrant and fresh. ANDDD it’s so quick, easy, and fun to make! I added walnuts, sunflower seeds, and cinnamon powder to my mix. It went really well with ice cream!

As it was my first time making granola, I googled for some granola tips.

  • Many sites stated that the granola has to be baked for around 40 minutes (and stirred every 10 minutes). The recipe I followed only baked the granola for 10 minutes and I think it came out great (with just a little crunch). I might bake for 15 minutes the next time round and see what that extra 5 minutes will do to the granola.
  • It is also recommended to mix the liquid ingredients well before adding the dry ingredients so that everything will be well-coated. Use a big bowl too so that it will be easy to mix!

Try this recipe out today!


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