Failed Files: Croissant


It was Mothers’ Day yesterday. I baked croissants for my Mother since she likes them a lot and I have plenty of free time now. It was a tedious process! One full day of making the dough + a morning of shaping it and then finally baking them. But the recipe that I followed gives 24 croissants so there’s plenty of leftover dough for other things like pain au chocolat.

I followed the recipe from It’s very clear and easy to follow as the steps are accompanied with gifs. However, I think that it will be better to just smash up the butter into a block instead of grating it first.

Anyway, this is my first try at croissants and I must say the results were great (though it’s still a failed file). The shape looked great (to me heehee), the taste was superb but the crust was VERY VERY hard and crispy. I’m not very sure why.


Also, I think I didn’t fold the dough properly and my butter block wasn’t good enough. Therefore, the insides weren’t flaky/layered. It was as soft as a pillow and like a chewy bread. That’s still nice but it’s not like a proper croissant.


The ones with sesame seeds had a more three-dimensional taste (it’s a weird description I know haha) but they look like there’s plenty of flies on them.


All in all, I had a really fun time making the croissants. I think I’ll probably try out another recipe and see if I can get rid of the hard crust. I’m planning to make other stuff out of my leftover dough too. Can’t wait for it!

*The photos weren’t edited so that’s the real colour of the croissants


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