Baked Penne

baked penne

Hello! It’s been a month since I last updated because I’ve been busy battling school work (and laziness teehee). I was wondering how long this lazy streak can last till but I decided to make some lunch for myself today (with lots of ready made stuff no doubt).

I like penne pasta and there’s a pack at home so why not baked penne! I’ve tried baked penne only once (LOL) and it was quite a bad experience. The meat sauce had an overly pungent beefy smell, and the penne was dry and tough. Luckily, this attempt turned out quite moist! 

Also, since it’s the first time I made baked pasta, I didn’t know how long I should put it in the oven for. I wanted the cheese to be a beautiful golden brown but I couldn’t wait and settled for semi-golden brown.

This is really quite easy and fuss free to make. Just boil the pasta, toss in those bottle tomato pasta sauce, add some capsicums for some crunch, spam cheese and put it in the oven. Minimum clean up and oil-free too!

baked penne


  • 1 cup penne pasta
  • half a capsicum
  • lots of cheese
  • 1/3 bottle tomato pasta sauce
  • black pepper (I couldn’t taste it but no harm adding it)

1. Boil the pasta in salted boiling water till slightly under cooked

2. Discard the water (but not all! Leave around a teaspoon of water). Add in the pasta sauce, capsicum and black pepper. Toss.

3. Transfer to an oven dish. Sprinkle with cheese and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees celsius till golden brown (or for around 10 minutes)

(makes a hearty meal for one)


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