Cranberry Chocolate Tart

Cranberry Chocolate Tart

My mum bought some fresh cranberries to try but they weren’t to her taste so there’s a huge bunch of fresh cranberries in the fridge. And so off I went goggling for some cranberry tart recipes. 

I came across this nice-looking  cranberry and lemon curd tart recipe and I decided to give it a go! I skipped the lemon curd because… it looks tedious to prepare LOL. Anyway the tart came out okay-ish. The cranberry filling got a little too much – like jam overload on a piece of bread- but the crushed ferro rocher managed to tone it down somewhat. The tart shell tastes awesome and I still have half of the dough left in my freezer. Gonna turn them into cookies one day haha.

Cranberry Chocolate Tart

Anyway it was my first time cooking fresh berries and boy, was the process revolting haha. Okay not really revolting but I don’t really like the sound of the berries popping. It’s like popping a pimple. Multiple times. And the cranberry juice will sometimes splatter out of the pan. Butttt the end product’s  a very yummy cranberry puree and I can imagine how well it will go with roast chicken!

The dough was a little tough to mix together because I did it without a stand mixer. I mixed in the flour with a wooden spoon and it took like forever for a dough to form. They were just like breadcrumbs. So I added more egg and used my hand to shape it into a ball. This was when I realised I added too much liquid. Guess I should have used my hands from the start.

Finally, I threw away my rolling pin so I couldn’t roll out the dough. I ended up pressing the dough into a disc shape and just pressing it into the tart tin. That’s why the tart shell doesn’t look as nice.

Cranberry Chocolate Tart

Recipe: Ceramic Canvas

(I do not recommend skipping the lemon curd but skipping the lemon curd really make things a lot more easier and faster)




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