Konnyaku Jelly


It’s been rather hazy in Singapore these few days. Was planning to bake a chocolate cake but the hot and stuffy weather means that I have to put the plan on hold. So I decided to make some refreshing Konnyaku Jelly to sooth my irritated mind (LOL).


It’s been a long long time since anyone in the house made konnyaku jelly. It used to be super popular a few years back and my Mother bought lots of konnyaku jelly moulds. I was looking forward to setting my jelly in these moulds but too bad they were thrown away :( I used this shallow muffin-tin-look-alike instead haha. And it worked! I was afraid that it might be difficult to remove the jelly but haha it was freaking easy.

I decided to put fresh fruits in the jelly and yay there happened to be peaches and oranges in the fridge! Great way to flavour the jelly haha. My mother used to add ribena and it was superb!


It’s super easy to make the jelly. Just buy a pack of konnyaku jelly powder and follow the instructions. I bought the version without any sugar added this time round and I liked it ’cause I can control the sweetness of the jelly! The other kind that comes in a box already has the sugar mixed in. It’s really convenient but then the sweetness of the jelly can’t be adjusted to suit personal preferences.


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