Japanese Potato Salad


My sister made some Japanese potato salad that day and since I like potato and potato salad, I asked her for the recipe. So she agar agar told me the steps and I agar agar made it.  I think potato salad is quite straightforward to make and it turned out well. Not very mind blowing but not too shabby too!



You can add many other extra things to make the salad more flavourful – boiled eggs, corn kernels, onions, ham etc.



  • 4 russet potatoes
  • 2 Japanese cucumbers
  • 1/2 a stick of carrot
  • black pepper
  • salt
  • japanese kewpie mayonnaise (around half a large bottle)

(I agar agar-ed for the amount of ingredients used. Don’t need to be too precise just sample and taste and adjust along the way ^^)

1. Peel and chop the potatoes into smaller cubes and boil it for around 15 minutes with some salt.

2. Peel carrot and cucumber (can leave some skin on the cucumber to make a pattern). Chop into 1/4 sticks and slice thinly.

3. Rub the cucumber slices with salt and place it aside for around 10 mintues.

4. Drain the water from the potato pot and heat it on low heat. Stir the potatoes to prevent them from getting burnt. Remove from heat once all the water have been evaporated. Place the potatoes into a bowl to cool.

5. Steam carrots (for crunchier carrots, steam for around 5 minutes. Steam longer if softer carrots are preferred.) Alternatively, boil the carrots. (I prefer steaming because the nutrients are sort of better preserved  and it is easier to control how soft the carrots are cooked.)

6. Wash off the salt from the cucumber till they are no longer salty and dry them with paper towels.

7. Mash the potato, leaving some chunks of potatoes. (No need to mash them too much ’cause they will be further mashed during mixing later on.) Add in cucumbers and carrots and mix.

8. Add in kewpie mayonnaise, pepper and salt to taste. Mix well and chill in a fridge.

Makes a big bowl of potato salad


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