Red Velvet Cupcakes


I’ve always seen pretty red velvet cupcake pictures but I’ve never ate one before! So I went over to BFF CWP’s house to bake red velvet cupcakes together.

We happily bought a 12 hole muffin pan only to realise that it cannot fit into her oven! So CWP powerfully hahah cut the pan into two. Power or what hahaha. Here’s how my half of the pan looked like!


Anyway back to the baking! The cupcakes rose evenly and gracefully in the oven and turned out a very pretty shade of dark red!

We frosted the pretty cupcakes with half-baked frosting techniques and the cupcakes.. weren’t that pretty anymore haha.


The cupcakes tasted quite bitter! Not sure if there’s not enough sugar or what but there’s a very obvious bitter after taste to it. Bleh. The cream cheese frosting was also quite bleh ’cause I don’t like cream cheese haha.

The large quantity of red food colouring used didn’t hit me until I noticed my poop turned… red LOL. It was red for like a few days already haha. It happened to everybody who ate the cupcakes haha.

I’m definitely not going to eat or make another red velvet again. Don’t like it and it seems unhealthy to me (with all that colouring).

Recipe from:

I think hers was a success though. Ours was just bitter :(


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