Chicken Pie

Baked chicken pies for my bff’s birthday because my bff likes chicken pies haha. It was my second attempt at chicken pie, the first using store-bought frozen shortcrust pastry. It was too salty for my liking so I decided to make my own pastry this time round.

ImageFirst attempt

Most recipes call for the use of a food processor to make things easier but I don’t have one.  Decided to go with the hands method and I was hoping for the worst. But it turned out to be alright! Though halfway through the butter was going to melt and the “pea like” mixture I got wasn’t really that well done. So as I was saying, a decent shortcrust pastry is actually quite easy to make and doesn’t require perfect skills etc.

As for the filling, I replaced sour cream with plain yoghurt the second time and I think it wasn’t as flavourful. It was even a little bland I think (because my house ran out of salt teehee)


Second attempt


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