Simple Chocolate Cake


I have some left over swiss meringue buttercream from making chocolate cupcakes but because the cream was not suitable for piping, I decided to make a cake and just spread the cream on top. I always think that strawberry and raspberry should go with chocolate so I googled for a chocolate cake recipe and chanced upon Joy of Baking’s simple chocolate cake recipe.

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Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream


I wanted to make some raspberry swiss meringue buttercream (because it sounds so delicious) but the price of raspberries is so high in Singapore! As I’m typing this, I’m in London and raspberries way cheaper here (and I’m eating tons of them everyday teehee). Anyway, I bought some strawberries instead and made strawberry swiss meringue buttercream instead!

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Paul Hollywood’s Éclairs


Eclairs! I had 50g of butter left and was looking for a good way to use up this 50g of butter so eclairs! Choux pastries are a nice way to use up small amounts of butter! This time round, I mixed a recipe from Paul Hollywood with a cream recipe from Women’s Weekly. The Paul Hollywood recipe promises a crispy pastry and boy was it really crispy. Continue reading

Pumpkin Chiffon Cake


My first time baking with a vegetable! The cake turned out awesome but there wasn’t a strong pumpkin flavour to the cake. In fact, my grandmother thought it was pandan chiffon cake haha. There’s nothing much to say for this cake except that it keeps very well overnight and tastes very good, even for someone who doesn’t usually go for pumpkin (like me). Continue reading

Yogurt Cake


My first memory of a yogurt was yoplait yogurt, those six small tubs that can be torn off from this bigger rectangular piece of plastic board. But I didn’t know that was yogurt. I was around 5 and had no idea what yogurt was. We just pop the six tubs into the freezer and ate them frozen LOL. Then slowly I started to eat normal fruit flavour yogurt but I disliked them. Then my mother started eating plain yogurt and I hated it because it was so sour. Then when I turned older, I started to like those plain yogurt, especially those greek style yogurt and disliked those flavoured ones haha. I came across a recipe for an Italian yogurt cake and since it sounds fun to try, I decided to make one.  Continue reading