Swiss Meringue Butter Cream


Swiss meringue butter cream! For the past 2 years of my slightly more serious baking life, I have been obsessed with whipped cream frostings. Buttercream was just way to sweet and buttery for me. And that was because I have yet to discover this wonderful SMBC!

The first time I came upon SMBC was when I was searching for a nice frosting, that can withstand the hot Singapore weather, for a cake for my friend. SMBC popped up in a lot of blogs and it seemed like the obvious choice. It was not that complicated too. Definitely more complicated than a usual buttercream recipe but still manageable. Continue reading

Earl Grey Chiffon Cake


Yay another chiffon cake! I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that my handheld mixer broke down and I won’t be making another chiffon cake soon ’cause I don’t plan on replacing it. But I needed to use a electric mixer for some stuff so I got it fixed. My mixer is from Phillips so I went down to their office to see if it could be repaired. Turns out one of the parts was faulty and all I had to do was to buy another new part. My mother was very impressed and almost vowed to buy only Phillips appliances from now on haha.  Continue reading

Candied Sweet Potato 마탕


It’s Mothers’ Day today! Happy Mothers’ Day! As a present to my Mother, I decided to make her some korean candied sweet potato. She first mentioned that she likes those korean sweet potato side dish almost a year ago and I went to look up for the recipe. Turns out it involves some deep-frying – something that I have never tried before and was very afraid of. Continue reading